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  • Company PetSmart
  • Address B2N 5N6 Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Employment at PetSmart transcends a typical working environment. It's a kinship rooted in the mutual affection for pets. As a Sales Representative for PetSmart, you do more than just sell items; you assist pet owners in discovering the most beneficial solutions for their furry friends. Your fondness for pets, combined with our comprehensive education, morphs you into a reliable partner for families at every stage of their pets' journeys. With a myriad of opportunities housed under our roof, you are certain to discover a professional pathway that ignites your inspiration. 


Our large retail layout requires all associates (whether you prefer to be referred to as paws, wings, fins, etc.!) to ensure the store operates at optimum efficiency. We provide multiple shifts, including early morning, daytime, and evening hours. As a Sales Representative for PetSmart, your training could extend across these essential domains:

- Customer Service: Your influence in forming genuine relationships with pet owners is critical. Upon their arrival (pets included!) into the store, you ensure a warm welcome, facilitate a smooth checkout process and confirm that all their needs have been met. 
- Pet Care: Your role involves safeguarding all living pets in our stores— comprising fish, reptiles, birds, and small mammals. Until they find their forever home, you become their temporary family, ensuring their health, hygiene, and nutrition are prioritized. Engaging with pet owners to offer pet-specific solutions is also key. 
- Merchandising & Inventory: You will play a pivotal role in assisting pet parents in locating exact items they need when they need them. You'll also contribute to implementing merchandising, stocking, and pricing strategies.


We’re dedicated to catering to pets at every life stage, but we’re also committed to facilitating your career growth. PetSmart offers opportunities that include:

- Gaining professional exposure in diverse business units—from the store to pet grooming or the Pet Hotel. 
- Enhancing your leadership capabilities through roles such as Department or Assistant Manager.
- Navigating the complexities of a fresh store launch.
- The option to transfer to any one of our numerous stores across the nation. 


While we’ve tried to convey your potential job obligations above, the phenomenal aspects of working at PetSmart extend beyond the job description. 

- It's the thrill of assisting a child select their first pet fish. Not just any species, but that one, right there!
- It's the satisfaction of helping Rosie's mom choose the best dietary option for Rosie's sensitive stomach—and the delight when it's a chicken-flavored hit!
- There's pride in turning Mickey into a showstopper in our grooming facility as he struts his newly groomed self on his way out. Sorry, ladies, he's taken!
- The happiness in seeing Frankie reunited with her family following her pleasant stay in our Pet Hotel.
- Celebrations are big with us, like marking Bella's birthday, Gizmo's puppy classes graduation, and Ace's adoption.
- After all, it's these small gestures that make big differences for pets.

At PetSmart, work is not mere employment; it's a cooperative community centered around pet love. 
Begin your application process now and step into a career that reciprocates your love.
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Published: 3 weeks ago